Blanking process of precision forging of plate material

Datetime: 2014-10-28

Blanking is refers to the use of a stamping die method to contour and the blank sheet enclosed separation. The die is refers to avoid pressure will precision forging of metal, non-metal sheet or shaped separation, forming or joining and processing method of parts of the process equipment. Fall and punching all belong to the blanking process. Blanking refers to the use of blanking made... Stamping method shape parts, part of the finished product was washed off the cream, periphery is a waste; piercing refers to the stamping blank material within the closed contour is obtained by separating a Hu stamping method with hole parts, punching parts were for scrap, and formed around the hole is finished.

Blanking process of precision forging of plate material. The convex die and the concave die with a sharp cutting edge, there is a certain gap between the two children. When the punch (punch) contact sheet to continue under the pressure, the sheet by extrusion, first of all to make the sheet have become quite elastic sheet within the value of tensile stress reaches the yield point, produce plastic deformation; deformation to a certain extent, is located on the convex and concave die edge ray at the sheet due to cold deformation and strong and the effect of stress concentration, along the punch and die cutting edge began to produce micro cracks; upper and lower crack} death; when the sheet is thrust, the separation process.

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